Defy Convention & Take a Disruptive Approach to EDM

With Mifid II and so many other regulatory initiatives to comply with, Financial Services organisations are faced with thousands of pages of new guidance every month; it was recently calculated that a new instruction must be interpreted and implemented every 12 minutes. Good Enterprise Data Management (EDM) was never so needed and never so challenged, as it is now. Budgets and delivery demands were never so under pressure as they are now.

These pressures have exposed many shortcomings in conventional approaches to data management within Financial Services operations and a whole new approach is emerging that is challenging the accepted methods and tools we depended on up to now. There is a better way and a cheaper way to deliver the results FS companies need in this new world.

I am proud to say I have been asked to join Misato Systems in bringing these new ideas to market and help the Financial Services industry respond to one of its most expensive and complex operating challenges. Some will read their ideas and see them as heresy, some might even say "blasphemous" compared to entrenched convention; but many are beginning to see them as "disruptive" and enlightened.

 Make up your own minds by reading this brief White Paper /uploads/assets/Misato_Breaking the EDM mould.pdf then get in touch with me to let me know what you think!

Tony Armour

Managing Director, Maclin Armour Solutions.