Maclin Armour

Tactical Services

If you already have a clear strategy but have identified specific gaps that need improvement, Maclin Armour Solutions can define and implement initiatives and processes to optimise your sales function;

  • Review and improve or create effective Sales Compensation Schemes that motivate the sales team and drive the behaviours that will deliver success and enhance your brand. A good scheme will inspire your people and motivate them to deliver the results you want
  • Review and improve or create effective Account Plans and Account Planning processes. Getting these right is harder than many people think and can make or break your efforts to grow business with target accounts
  • Validate and challenge Marketing Plans, PR and Marketing strategies, Sales Campaign Plans or other components used to drive brand awareness and sales. Good people can still fail if they are following flawed plans
  • Review and improve or create an effective Deal Qualification, Opportunity Management and CRM processes. Pursue the right opportunities in the most effective way and don’t chase the wrong opportunities!
  • Hiring new staff. We can help you hire the right people and on-board them effectively at a lower cost than conventional recruitment firms and have the connections to find you the right people