Maclin Armour

About You


You may be the CEO of an organisation that depends on sales performance for your success. You believe your company is underperforming and want to address that. It may be that performance in your regular markets is good but you see opportunities to expand into new industries, geographies or major accounts and need help to give your team the best chance of success. Your organisation might be any size including major publicly quoted groups and their sales focus may be vertical specific or horizontal. It may be services based, software or hardware. It doesn’t matter; Maclin Armour Solutions can help.

Owner Manager

It may be that you are the driving force behind a small company now looking to grow, attract investors or float. You need help to structure a compelling story for your go-to-market strategy that will demonstrate to investors, analysts and the market that you are serious about growth and have meaningful strategies and plans to support that claim. It may be that you want to stay as a private company but see opportunities for growth and do not have the experience to define and execute an effective sales campaign.

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You may be the COO or other director role charged by the board with improving cost-income ratio, sales performance or profitability. We can help you figure out the best approaches to improve P&L performance and define and implement a programme of change to deliver results. If you are going to cut costs, we can help you identify where and how to do that without damaging sales performance.

Sales Director

As Sales Director of an established team or teams, you have recognised resource or skills gaps that are constraints to your growth plans or are hurting performance in the face of aggressive competitors who are beating you to deals or threatening your account base. Whether it is about defining effective Account Planning practices, improving pipeline creation, win conversion rate or other tactical elements of performance or if it’s about regular Coaching & Mentoring, Maclin Armour Solutions can make a difference.


As a potential investor involved in a funding cycle or M&A opportunity, carrying out effective Due Diligence on the go-to-market strategy, growth plans and sales capability of the target company, are vital components that will inform the offer process. Maclin Armour Solutions brings the insight necessary to get to the crux of these issues and drive out meaningful intelligence.