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Case Studies & Testimonials

Managing Director at BusinessOptix Peter McInally

I hired Maclin Armour Solutions to help me define a growth strategy for BusinessOptix and to continue working with us to execute against that strategy. I had known Tony for two years through partnering with his previous company and knew he had the skills and experience we needed and that I could trust him. As well as his ability to define effective go-to-market strategies, he understands how to build a sales capability and how an organisation needs to be aligned to achieve sales results. He is also highly respected in key markets and is helping us to position BusinessOptix with senior IT and business decision makers.

March 11, 2015, Peter was Tony’s client

Richard Nichols MBA

UK Sales and Marketing Director
Throughout the development of my career I have always sought out ‘mentors’ in both commercial and academic circles however those that are worthwhile are difficult to find. To say Tony is worthwhile as a mentor is at least an understatement. He simply understands business and I’m yet to find the limit of his expertise. Tony has a unique ability to recognise a situation for what it really is, whether it’s solving a business problem, developing business strategy and change programmes or a personal career dilemma. He helps you better understand where you are and effectively coaches you through your options to get to an outcome that is both ambitious and achievable with the appropriate amount of risk and reward to each situation. Tony is a visionary but also a realist who brings added dimensions to every situation and his CV demonstrates he’s ability to deliver and that his approach works.

November 1, 2014, Richard was Tony's client

Graham Hutchings

Operations Director & Interim CEO - DST Business Process Solutions
I worked for Tony when he was Managing Director for the DST Business Process Solution organisation outside of North America. Tony engaged at the most senior levels across our clients and provided valuable strategic insight into how we could assist them in transforming their operations to drive improved efficiency coupled with a differentiating customer experience. A creative and innovative thinker with the ability to get to the root of the problem and offer strategies to reach a successful outcome. I would fully recommend Tony to any organisation looking to drive sustainable performance improvement.

March 13, 2015, Graham reported to Tony at DST Systems

Sales Strategy for Maritime Asset Security & Training

The Client: Maritime Asset Security & Training (Mast) is one of the world's leading maritime security, risk management and consulting services companies and has been serving commercial shipping and Super Yacht clients for ten years. For more information go to

The Challenge: Mast's core market has become more competitive with many low-cost new entrants trying to take market share. The strength of the Mast brand is in operational excellence and client focus but they recognised the need to further develop a strong sales function in order to protect their established client base and grow the business in new markets. CEO Philip Cable asked Maclin Armour Solutions to conduct a review of the business and advise on the right sales strategies to help Mast achieve an improved and sustainable level of performance.

The Outcomes: After an intense period of Discovery & Analysis, Maclin Armour Solutions provided Mast with a comprehensive report into their business including a detailed SWOT analysis, an analysis of their target markets, sales function, processes and practices and a program of proposed change to deliver improved performance. Mast then asked MAS to conduct a series of workshops with the leadership and sales teams in order to agree detailed implementation plans and creation of sales campaigns.

These efforts have resulted in significant changes to Mast's website, go-to-market strategy, organisation and performance management scheme and Mast have asked MAS to continue to support the business on a Retainer basis in the medium to long term.

Philip Cable LLM, CEO of Mast


"Tony Armour of MAS has provided us with incisive guidance in improving our sales strategy and processes and has made a quick and much needed impact"