Maclin Armour Solutions: Sales Strategy, practical advice and services to deliver profitable growth for technology, consulting and services companies.

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Whether you are concerned that your company is under-performing and aren't sure how to diagnose the reasons, or you already have a clear understanding of the challenge and need help to define and execute change, Maclin Armour Solutions can help through Board Advisary support, Strategic Review, Change Management, Interim Services, Market Penetration and Lead Generation.

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We will help you diagnose and resolve the root causes of under-performance and improve your sales capability:

  • Define go-to-market strategy, clarify the operating vision and align the organisation behind it
  • Help you build an effective sales capability including hiring, directing and training sales professionals
  • Help you seek investment funding and manage M&A activity
  • Board advisary support, coaching & mentoring for sales professionals
  • Tactical support to define sales processes, Account Plans and other vital tools and artefacts
  • Define and execute Sales & Marketing campaigns

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With over 30 years of experience in leadership roles for sales driven B-to-B organisations all over the world, Managing Director Tony Armour brings the instincts and knowledge needed to drive change and deliver success. That experience has been honed in organisations such as Thomson Reuters, KPMG, BearingPoint and DST Systems, as well as smaller companies where resources are more scarce, the brand less powerful and the growth curve more dynamic. With a track record of delivering success in overseas markets including China, the USA, Africa and Australia, Tony can help you achieve growth at home and abroad.

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Philip Cable LLM, CEO of Mast 


"Tony Armour of MAS has provided us with incisive guidance in improving our sales strategy and processes and has made a quick and much needed impact"